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NEW BLOG!! Travels of a Baby-vet

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A little message to my readers…. As you all may know, I have been blogging on here now for five glorious months and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it and have become quite hooked! To intensify my blogging fix I have decided to go over to the dark-side of paying for my blogging privilege. I have every intention of continuing to use this blog for all my vetty escapades and general life frivolities but my new blog is going to focus on travel as posts in this area seem to be my most popular.

My new blog will feature travelling tips from my own personal experiences of wandering the planet, with hopefully and ethical element to help readers find places which support eco-tourism and animal welfare (which if you haven’t gathered by now I’m pretty passionate about). I’m pretty excited as there is already lots to write about and I have several exciting trips planned for these next two years which should provide me with plenty of material to chatter about. Additionally, as a cheap-skate and a strapped for cash student, I’m hoping to provide folks with budget ways of seeing the world.

Travels of a baby-vet will be linked to this one and vice-versa all under the ‘baby-vet’ blanket. The site has taken me all morning from 6.30AM so I implore you not to let my hard-work go to waste and check it out……

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