As a vet student, one of the perks is a free trip to what is essentially the dog version of the Oscars – Crufts. Here you can find every breed of dog under the sun ( all of which I am somehow meant to identify) and enough hairspray to set off one hell of an explosion if exposed to a naked flame.

Feeling some guilt at having to leave out own pooch at home as he unfortunately did not receive and invitation to attend. After a late start thanks to my sister’s rather extensive bathroom routines we finally got to the Birmingham NEC arena and began wading our way through the clamour of bodies ( furry and otherwise) to get to the main arena. We sat cheerfully munching our packed lunches watching various over excitable hounds bomb around the agility course, dance in better time to music than most of the audience and attack the fly ball course. I have to admit, I’m not so sure what to make of the shoeing side of crufts – being perfumed and perfectly quaffed to within an inch of my life would not be my cup of tea. However, the dogs seem to genuinely love the other activities, before each event the arena was filled with an almost deafening crescendo of excited yaps.

After the arena closed to get ready for ‘best in show’ ( the vet perks don’t extend far enough to grant access to this) we wandered around in search of dogs to cuddle, and this is where we stayed, wandering around dogs of the world brilliant there were no dogs left to faun over.

We all came back covered in hair, slobber and with a slight odour of wet dog, but nonetheless incredibly satisfied with our dog filled day!

I regret not taking more photos…. what can I say I’m a bit useless whilst being distracted by an abundance of lovable hounds.