This is just a quick ( and terribly late) note to say Thank you to everyone who sponsored my trip to India this summer or who kindly donated supplies and funds to the charity Help in Suffering where I gained fantastic hands on surgery skills. A big Thank you to Burns pet food who donated £500 towards my trip, this company really goes above and beyond to support keen vet students like myself in our adventures and further education. I can’t thank you for your support enough and I can safely say everyone you have assisted in the past has been incredibly grateful for your support!

A big thank you to improve international for donating money for veterinary supplies and to Georgie Hollis who left empty handed from the Vets North conference after we stole all her bandaging material which was put to great use at the clinic! A massive thank you to DVH veterinary supplies who managed to get a 20kg box of veterinary goodies to my house on next day delivery so it could be packed in time to come with me on my travels, that was some serious and greatly appreciated commitment from them! I also must thank the Veterinary Practice magazine team who let me shamelessly bully their exhibitors at the Vets North Conference into donating supplies to my cause and in the end actually began bullying them for me!

A bit of a gushing cheesy post but these people and organisations really do deserve a big thank you and a quick note to say how appreciated their efforts and donations are. I hope this blog will give you an insight into what I got up to and what your donations went towards.