Scribbles Of A Baby Vet

A few little anecdotes about surviving vet school!


I’m Jess, a baby vet at Liverpool University and lover of all creatures, no matter how weird or wonderful! After surviving my third year of vet school and officially getting past half way through my degree, I decided now was the time to lose my blog virginity in celebration of this fact!

I’m hoping this blog will provide an insight (and hopefully some entertainment) into what it’s like on the veterinary course for everyone thinking of entering into this fantastic, but also pretty challenging career. And also act as a bit of a reminder to myself of some of the cool things I’ve done during my time in Liverpool.

But first a bit about me ….

I’m a Yorkshire lass who stands at a towering 5ft 2 inches tall. I can talk the ear off a brick wall and am a strong believer that a good brew can solve almost anything! I love riding, walking my crazy mutt Fred and generally being outdoors in the countryside. I am charity shop queen, keen baker and love to stick my nose in a good book! I have two younger sisters who are barking mad and provide a large amount of my in-house entertainment when I’m home, I also have the aforementioned dog, Fred. Fred is well renowned by most people in my little home town for causing chaos, escaping and getting his little nose into everything (I am currently on “Fred watch” as I’m writing this as we’re having building work done and he keeps darting into the living room and making off with a mouth full of plaster which I then have to prise out of his mouth before he eats it).

I am a complete veterinary keeno and self-professed nerd. I love going to conferences and events and shamelessly fan-girl the bigwigs of the veterinary world. I have a particular interest in exotics and conservation medicine. I also have a keen interest in charity work and my aim in life (as cheesy as it sounds!) is to use my degree to try and do as much good in the world as I can. I have a passion for adventure and plan to use my degree and skill set (which I am still working on honing!) to travel the world and do and see as much as possible!

I’ve never written one of these before and I have to admit my GCSE English is a little rusty so I’m not sure how this will turn out so I apologise in advance if it’s a load of rubbish! But hopefully amongst my muddled rambling someone may get something from this! I’m keen for anyone who reads this (if anyone reads this!) to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or just to say hey! I look forward to hearing from you :)!1381411_10151802690421961_715436061_n